Sunday, July 20, 2008

Dark Knight Sets Opening Weekend Box Office Record

Yes it played on about 200 more screens than Spider-Man 3 did on its opening weekend, but at the end of the day the record books show that The Dark Knight is now the all time opening weekend box office record holder.

Spider-Man 3 was the record holder at about $151 million, and now The Dark Knight has surpassed that number with a take of $155 million.

Damn it’s nice to see that garbage Spider-Man 3 movie kicked out of top spot!

Looks like most people who predicted that Dark Knight would just inch out the record were spot on. It’s nice to see… you know… an actual GOOD movie at the top of the Box Office record books (at least for opening weekend).

So the question now is… how far will it go? With the pace that new movies come out these days, Dark Knight has no chance of catching Titanic for all time box office records… but it certainly looks poised to take the top spot for the year (I don’t think it’ll have much trouble catching Indiana Jones 4 and then nothing else is coming out this year that has huge Box Office potential).


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