Sunday, September 21, 2008

New Posters: Frank Miller's The Spirit

The Spirit new posterMovie Poster The Spirit

UGO has two new posters for Frank Miller’s The Spirit. It’s amazing how well the marketing department at Lionsgate has been able to promote this movie. You would have no indication from any of the production photos, posters or trailers, that the film is nearly as horrible as the clips presented at Comic Con.

User comment:
After comic book movies made all those leaps forward this summer with Iron Man & TDK, it appears Frank Miller & Sam Jackson are ready drag it back down again. Sam, you look ridiculous in those Mickey Mouse gloves. It hurts me to see you clowning around on a movie poster as a character whose face was never seen in the original comics. I'm in serious doubt about your ability to pull off Nick Fury. Is this LOEG all over again? Another cool comic cast through the Hollywood prism and rendered into a garish and distorted funhouse version of its namesake?
User comment:
with a comic book dude directing this movie, you damn well better have good design
User comment:
Reason why there are two sunsets Jerry B Good, is because there is an explosion in the background of Mr. Jackson


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