Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Happening isn´t that bad overseas

Ok, ‘The Happening’ is a terrible movie, but taking the number one spot overseas is quite an accomplishment. M. Night Shyamalan’s movie made $32.1 million at 5,714 screens in 88 territories. That’s about $5,600 per screen. ‘The Incredible Hulk’ came in second, but managed to make almost $10,000 per screen at 38 markets.

The Happening
The $32.1 million comes after Shyamalan’s awful box office result of ‘Lady in the Water’ in 2006. The fantasy only made $30 million overseas during its lifetime. It’s clear Fox’ aggressive marketing campaign paid off. The trailer with falling bodies gave people high hopes for his new thriller. It’s too bad this is one of those ‘the best is in the trailer’ movies and most will leave disappointed.

Europe was leading the ticket sales for ‘The Happening.’ France grossed a good $4.6 million, followed by Spain with $3.8 million. The U.K. brought in $3.4 million and several other countries ended the weekend with around $2 million.

The Incredible Hulk’ impressed U.K. viewers with $6.3 mill last weekend. It was the number one movie in most of its markets with another $4.6 mill in Mexico, $3.7 mill in Russia and $3.3 mill in South Korea.

‘Sex and the City’ is now showing at 5,597 screens and picked up another $23.3 million overseas. It opened in the small Netherlands with an impressive $1.2 million. The romantic comedy now stands at $136 million overseas, of which $40.5 million came from the U.K. The girls passed $250 million worldwide.

As last week, ‘Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull’ couldn’t beat ‘Sex’ overseas. While Spielberg’s action movie is topping the chick flick in the US, it slowed down overseas to just $18.5 million. But as it already grossed $357.5 mill overseas, Spielberg won’t be too disappointed. The total includes $69.7 million from the U.K. and $33.7 million in France, where it premiered.

‘Kung Fu Panda,’ which is still only showing in 15 markets, made another $14 million. As a hit in Russia with $5.3 million, the animation now has an overseas total of $41.5 million.

The Chronicles Of Narnia: Prince Caspian’ still has to release in about a dozen European countries because of the European Soccer Championship, but it picked up another $11.2 million for an overseas total of $123 million. The worldwide total now stands at $255 million, which won’t make it profitable if you add the marketing costs to the $200 million budget.

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patrick said...

i've been meaning to see this movie, if only just to say "i've seen it." ... or maybe i'll wait for the rental

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